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Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between Belgium and Germany

Country Fact Sheet
Capital Amsterdam; The Hague is the seat of government
Surface 41,864 sq km
Currency Euro
GDP Purchasing power parity - $687.5 billion
GDP/Capita (PPP) - $41,300
Language Dutch
Religion Christianity

Parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch

Time Zone GMT +1 hour 
Telecom Code +31

Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Driving On right hand side of the road, license required
Electrical 220V, 50Hz
Political Climate Stable country
Population 16645313 people

The Dutch are primarily of Germanic stock with some Gallo-Celtic mixture. Their small homeland frequently has been threatened with destruction by the North Sea and has often been invaded by the great European powers.

Julius Caesar found the region which is now the Netherlands inhabited by Germanic tribes in the first century B.C. The western portion was inhabited by the Batavians and became part of a Roman province; the eastern portion was inhabited by the Frisians. Between the fourth and eighth centuries A.D., most of both portions were conquered by the Franks. The area later passed into the hands of the House of Burgundy and the Austrian Habsburgs. Falling under harsh Spanish rule in the 16th century, the Dutch revolted in 1558 under the leadership of Willem of Orange. By virtue of the Union of Utrecht in 1579, the seven northern Dutch provinces became the Republic of the United Netherlands.

During the 17th century, considered its "golden era," the Netherlands became a great sea and colonial power. Among other achievements, this period saw the emergence of some of painting's "Old Masters," including Rembrandt and Hals, whose works--along with those of later artists such as Mondriaan and Van Gogh--are today on display in museums throughout the Netherlands and the world.

The country's importance declined, however, with the gradual loss of Dutch technological superiority and after wars with Spain, France, and England in the 17th and 18th century. The Dutch United Provinces supported the Americans in the Revolutionary War. In 1795, French troops ousted Willem V of Orange, the Stadhouder under the Dutch Republic and head of the House of Orange.

Following Napoleon's defeat in 1815, the Netherlands and Belgium became the "Kingdom of the United Netherlands" under King Willem I, son of Willem V of Orange. The Belgians withdrew from the union in 1830 to form their own kingdom. King Willem II was largely responsible for the liberalizing revision of the constitution in 1848.

The Netherlands prospered during the long reign of Willem III (1849-90). At the time of his death, his daughter Wilhelmina was 10 years old. Her mother, Queen Emma, reigned as regent until 1898, when Wilhelmina reached the age of 18 and became the monarch.

The Netherlands proclaimed neutrality at the start of both world wars. Although it escaped occupation in World War I, German troops overran the country in May 1940. Queen Wilhelmina fled to London and established a government-in-exile. Shortly after the Netherlands was liberated in May 1945, the Queen returned. Crown Princess Juliana acceded to the throne in 1948 upon her mother's abdication. In April 1980, Queen Juliana abdicated in favor of her daughter, now Queen Beatrix. Crown Prince Willem Alexander was born in 1967.

Elements of the Netherlands' once far-flung empire were granted either full independence or nearly complete autonomy after World War II. Indonesia formally gained its independence in 1949, and Suriname became independent in 1975. The five islands of the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao, Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius, and a part of St. Maarten) and Aruba are integral parts of the Netherlands realm but enjoy a large degree of autonomy.

Local Business & Service Providers
» Hotel Artemis Amsterdam
Automotive services
» Autoverhuur
Business travel
» De Boer & Wendel
Corporate incentives
Financial services
» Friesland Bank
Financial Technology
» Rolinco NV
Intellectual Property
Legal and fiduciary
» Advocatenkantoor Blenheim
» Restaurant Greetje - Greetje's Feast, Amsterdam
Local Radio
» 88.7 Radio Noord-Holland
» 88.9 Radio Noord-Holland
» 89.1 Radio Veronica
Local Weather Forecast
» BBC Weather
» Reuters
Government Agencies
» Government of Netherlands
» Ministry of Defence
» Ministry of Economic Affairs
» Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
» Ministry of Finance
» Ministry of Foreign Affairs
» Ministry of General Affairs
» Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
» The Royal House
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