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Financial Places
Financial Places

Terms & Conditions of Advertising


Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Advertising on Financial Bridges and Financialplaces.com

1.This order constitutes a non-cancellable, binding contract with GLOBEXA COMMUNICATION Ltd., the terms and conditions of which are governed under English Law.
2.The Advertiser is solely responsible to submit to the Publishers suitable material by the due date, failing which, the name and address of the Advertiser may be printed and the Publishers shall not be responsible for any resulting mistake, error or omission.
3. Accounts are strictly net, unless otherwise stated, and are subject to settlement before publication. The publishers reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at 7% above the bank of England Base rate.
4. Early payment: 2,5% discount if prepaid within 14 days of order.
5. All cheques must be made payable to GLOBEXA, and settlement of all accounts should be made to GLOBEXA at the address stated on the order form.
6. The advertiser is solely responsible for submitting to the publisher a suitable copy by the date failing which the publishers reserve the right to print only the name and address of the advertiser and the publishers will not be responsible for any mistake, error or omission thereby. The advertiser is further responsible for supplying complete artwork to reproduce the advertisement. Supplementary processing charges are liable where artwork is not supplied in the specified form.
7. The Advertiser shall bear the risk of and be responsible for the insurance of all artwork and other advertisement material delivered to GLOBEXA and GLOBEXA cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage.
8. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication by the publishers does not deem endorsement or approval by the publishers or sponsors of the publication or any product or service advertised.
9. The publishers reserve the right to include an index of the advertisers in the publication and will not be responsible to an advertiser for any error or omission therein.
10. The publishers will endeavour to furnish the advertiser with a proof of copy prior to going to press and any amendments or alterations of such proofs must be returned to the publishers as per date stated on the proof copy. The publishers will not accept any responsibility for non-delivery either to or from the publishers.
11. Agency commission is to be agreed with the agency.
12. This order form constitutes all the terms of the contract and no agent or otherwise representative of the company has any right to vary the terms thereof in any way.
13. Printed conditions on advertisers and/or advertising agent’s orders will not be recognised as binding.
14. Where an advertiser submits an editorial whether officially commissioned or not, the publishers and/or the organisation on whose behalf the publication is produced reserve the right to reject, alter, edit or reposition such editorial without reference to the author or company concerned, and shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, or damages that may be caused thereby.
15. The commissioning of editorial by the publishers shall form no part of the contract for advertising, which shall at all times be completely separate from and not contingent upon whether or not the publishers publish any articles submitted by the advertiser.
16. Cancellations - In the case of online advertisements and features, notification is required in writing 6 weeks prior to the copy date, and 4 weeks in the case of print advertisements and features. In either case cancelled orders will incur a fee of 50% of the value of the original order
17. If a cancellation results in an advertiser failing to reach agreed insertion levels to qualify for a series discount, the advertiser will be surcharged on prior insertions at the relevant level of series discount.
18. Credit accounts subject to negotiations must be settled within 15 days of arranged date. In the event accounts are not settled within 15 days, agency commission may be reduced to 5% of the agreed agency commission. If accounts are constantly overdue, GLOBEXA reserves the right to demand prepayment for future insertions.
19. Orders subject to series discounts must be completed within 12 months. Series discounts are granted on a page column basis for advertisers' individual campaigns only.
20. The advertiser shall pay to the publishers on demand, any and all expenses, including reasonable lawyers'/attorneys' fees that are incurred or paid by the publishers in protecting their rights, or enforcing the obligations of the advertiser, under this contract.